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About Tsuji Lab

Tsuji Laboratory aims at building a sustainable society and conducts researches on earth-friendly functional thin film materials effectively using resources. We are also working on developing device applications ranging from nano to micro scale size.

Thin film processing

Nanotechnology brings innovations widely to information/communication, energy/enviroment, and bio/medicals by adding novel functions to materials by controlling their structures at nanometer-scale. We are trying to establish the base of materials nanotechnology. Nanotechnology can bring innovations widely even if elements are confined to just carbon and silicon, and contributes to sustainable technological society. But nanomaterials can never be made in macro-scale if we artificially manipulate each atoms/molecules. Self-organization, i.e. spontaneous formation of materials from numerous atoms/molecules, is the key. We are trying to fundamentally understand the processes of chemical reactions of atoms/molecules, formation of nanostructures, and evolution of higher-order structures through both experiments and numerical simulations. We are also actively conducting industry-academia joint projects to realize practical applications by utilizing these nanomaterials technologies.

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Latest News

Prof Yamaguchi retired in Mar 2015. He is now a member of Product Inovation Association (PIA).The final lecture was held on 27th Feb 2015.

Mar 8th Shintaro Hatamiya (M2) received "Best Poster Award" at 2017 SCEJ Annual Meeting.
Feb 23rd A paper about SNAP-LF ranked 5th in "Most Downloaded Articles over the past 90 days" of the website of Journal of Computational Physics.
"Direct simulation of drying colloidal suspension on substrate using immersed free surface model"
M. Fujita, O. Koike and Y. Yamaguchi
Aug 7th An international symposium on environmental safety will be held on November 28-29, 2014.
May 9th Takahiro Miura (M2) received "Best Poster Award" at 6th Asian Coating Workshop.
Jul 7th Osamu Koike (Assistant Professor) joined Tsuji Lab.
Jun 1st Rei Tatsumi (Specially Appointed Researcher) joined Tsuji Lab.
Apr 1st Shin Inazawa became Associate Professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture and technology, and set up Inazawa Laboratory.
Apr 1st Masahiro Fujita became Professor at Josai University.
Mar 25th Seiichi Ota (D3) received "Best Dean of School of Engeneering Award" by his Doctoral dissertation.